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Learning I-SETS (Islamic, Science, Environment, Technology, and Society) is an enhancement of  SETS learning. In this study, teaching and learning process while providing the material as a material science major, but it will also be considered and added to the environment, technology and society in connection with the material being taught, do not miss  Islamic values contained in the learning, so in addition to acquire knowledge and techology, students also learn the value of existing Islam.
The concept of I-SETS learning is not much different SETS learning, just add the value of Islamin linking the four elements of SETS. Picture of the relationship I-SETS components are as follows:

I-SETS own learning has the following characteristics:
  • Continued emphasis on the subject of learning and thinking linking learners to think about the technology and benefits to society and the impact on the environment
  • Participants are invited students to think about the concept of Islamic values in accordance with the subject of existing learning
  • Learners are required to link the benefits of learning materials with relation to technology that does not conflict with Islamic values
  • Learners are required to seek the benefit of learning materials to the public and the environment that promote Islamic values
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